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MEET AGUS, Batch: 28

I've always wanted to start my own business after graduation. But I did not have enough money. I felt lost. My uncle was the one that suggested joining TLF.

I was hesitant as I graduated as an automative engineer. How would TLF help me exactly? I eventually relented as my uncle was so insistent. 9 months later, I was offered the chance to become a barista. As part of the farm's advanced program, I interned at Cafe Du Jour for a month and I must have done something right because the boss wanted me back.

I accepted the offer as I had nothing to lose. Besides, being a barista seemed cool as cafes are where cool people hang out and I wanted to learn more about coffee, especially when demand for it was growing in Indonesia. It was only after I accepted the offer that I realised how important TLF was in shaping me to be the disciplined, hard working and affable person that my boss was impressed by.

In the past, I was very naughty and lacked discipline. Even in TLF, I struggled to keep up initially. But we had to follow a strict routine and we received a lot of mentorship and guidance which helped me to mature. That is how I became more appreciative of time and made it a point to be more punctual, diligent and discipline.

Also, at TLF my classmates came from all over Indonesia. I had to learn to be sensitive to their customs and ways, which helped me to develop good social skills. This too helped me when I became a barista as it is important to have good relations with my customers as they appreciate good service.

I've been a barista for the last seven months now and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Without TLF, this would not be possible. Thank You for the doors you have opened for me. I am forever grateful.


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