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how you can help

Our residential program is possible with the help of dedicated volunteers who assist our educators and staff in providing the best for our students.

Your skills and knowledge are  valuable to us

We teach students a variety of soft skills such as accounting, IT skills, reading and arts and we need your help in doing so.

get involved

Join us in our cause to empower vulnerable youths in Indonesia.

Email today to indicate your interest and we will get in touch with you. 

hear from them
Volunteer Stories
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Nihal Mirpuri

I have nothing but positive reviews of my experience here and am so excited to tell my community about it backs at home. TLF students are amazing. And you are doing incredible work with them. The community-centered environment you have created is incredible, and its impact for students’ ability for self-discovery, self-confidence and capacity building is obvious.


Miriam Emanuel

One of the really great things TLF taught me was the inherent value of all areas of education and social interaction -For both me and the students. Before coming to TLF I wouldn’t have immediately thought that farming and cultivation would so evidently help someone’s self-confidence, independence and pride.


CAra mchardy

I gained so much from these students lighthearted moments, inspiration, and friendship. Their strength, perseverance and goodwill in spite of the extreme challenges they face in their lives is amazing.



TLF’s impact on me is obvious in the conversations that I share with others which include constant references to TLF. It impacted me and provided me more than I could ever offer to the students of Batch 24 and 25.


Maleeha malik

All the students have been amazing, so keen to learn and so eager to welcome us

into their lives. We’ve sang and laughed and cried and I know that I won’t ever forget my time here.

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