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Graduation day (Basic 32 and Advanced 2018/2019)

31 January 2019

Our graduation day for batch 32 of our Basic and Advanced Students of 2018/2019 was done in unison. The students were ecstatic in finishing the program. The theme of the graduation event was “Start with ‘How to Succeed’ instead of ‘What if I fail’' went smoothly. Student representatives from each batch had the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings of appreciation to TLF. On this occasion, we took the chance to present two smartphones to one student from each batch who are recognized for their positive contributions to the community and to the public. The candidates were chosen in secrecy and the students surprised with the announcement. The recipients were especially shocked to receive the gift. We also awarded tokens of appreciation to the 10 best Basic students and the 5 best Advanced students.


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