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Resilience During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has infected many countries around the world, including Indonesia. We are now strictly implementing a ‘no guest policy.’ We used to regularly invite individuals, institutions, and organisations to participate at The Learning Farm. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have postponed the volunteers and visitors session. This is a difficult decision to make, but we want to protect our staff and students.

During this crisis, we are practicing ‘social distancing’ therefore limiting our activities outside the farm including visit to the traditional market to fulfil our needs in the kitchen. We usually buy meats and fruits for our students from the market and now we are maximising the menu from the farm and fishery. We are increasing the production of vegetables and cultivating more variety of fishes such as catfish, tilapia, and carp. These strategies are effective and efficient to provide healthy food for students and staff.

The social impact of the coronavirus outbreak is significant. Many people out there are consuming the news without exact resources so that there is a lot of confusion. To address this situation, we educated our students based on World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations, involved the students in a thorough cleaning of the building and surrounds, and encourage them to wash their hands frequently. These activities are helping students to be more aware on the importance of health & hygiene in protecting themselves in these trying times.

In addition, we conducted some mini sports competitions for students to help with their mental health. We invited the students to participate in some sports activities for instance volleyball, table tennis, and football. They are excited and enthusiastic and did their best for their team.


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