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Dino Johannes cycles from Rotterdam to Rome and back to raise funds for The Learning Farm

Cycling from Rotterdam to Rome… and back: 5000+ km, crossing the Alps twice. Can I do it?? This is not just a normal city trip to cross off my bucket list. I like cycling (I’m Dutch!) but this is not a regular trip to the supermarket. To get the motivation I need and make this journey bigger than myself, I am starting a fundraiser while I’m on my bike.

My name is Dino, a 29-year-old Dutch guy. For the past two years I have been preparing to go to Indonesia for a longer period of time to teach English and get involved in sustainable agriculture. But I have been postponing it because of the Covid-crisis. However, I'm excited that I can still contribute to organic farming as I tick off one from my bucket list: travel to Rome in a carbon-neutral way, on a bike!

The Learning Farm near Jakarta, Indonesia, has been teaching courses on organic farming to youth at risk from all over Indonesia. They have trained hundreds of bright young minds and play a major role in connecting different agricultural communities in Indonesia. By training young people on how to farm according to organic principles, they learn how to grow food to support their own communities in a sustainable way. The Learning Farm empowers young people in ways beyond just farming but gives them the tools to make a living and support their community in a sustainable way.


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