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Batch: 5

Santibi Batch 5.jpg

Prior to my enrolment at TLF, I spent my days working on paddy fields with the other farmers from my village in Tangerang, Indonesia.

But my real interest was cooking. However having dropped out of school at 17 and with no prior experience in cooking, I was never going to be accepted into culinary school. 

But at TLF they gave me the opportunity to learn how to cook Western food. I must have done something right as Rella's Kitchen hired me to be one of their chefs.

Having worked at Rella's Kitchen for the last seven years, my role in the restaurant grew. I used this opportunity to come up with ways which the restaurant can give back to society, while expanding its business.


For example, the owners of Rella’s Restaurant and I came up with the idea of setting up food trucks in the business district to provide troubled women and unemployed lads with jobs, while giving business people more options when it comes to organic food.

I am also in charge of a social enterprise that helps females who live alone, are separated or unemployed. I teach them how to bake so that they can find work at bakeries. 

I do all these because I am Indebted to TLF for paving the way for me to succeed. I want to give back as much as I can and inspire others with zero to hero stories like me.



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