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Green Festival 2019: Spirit of Millennials

31 January 2019

One of the sources of our greatest joys is listening to the success stories from our alumni. We are proud to present Nonny Sasi Selan of NTT and Siti Nor Titik Handayani of Jepara from batch 27 who are now working for Sekolah Seniman Pangan Javara. On January 31st, they were selected to represent Indonesian millennials at an event titled “Green Festival 2019: Spirit of Millennials” where they sat beside President Joko Widodo on the stage. They took the opportunity in this event to share their experiences to the youth who participated in the event. The event was participated by several organic farming organizations that open stands around the stage. Faisal Raya Riwu (batch 25) was also selected as a representative of Sekolah Seniman Pangan to explain their products to President Joko Widodo.


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