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We recruit our youth through NGO partner referrals or word of mouth. These include street youth, refugees and victims of conflict. 

We select our prospective students through two rounds of selections, written applications and phone interviews.

Students embark on a 100-day basic course.

This includes vocational and entrepreneurial training activities, with an emphasis on obtaining a basic understanding of organic farming. 

Students that have graduated from the basic course can choose to continue their studies. 

Students participate in: 

  • Integrated Farming Techniques

  • Internships

  • Business Development & Planning 

  • Thesis Writing/Presentation 

  • Scientific Research

Graduates find employment through job fairs, through our corporate partners or return home to their farms.

We support our alumni through: 

  • Regional gatherings 

  • Job Matching 

  • Newsletters 

  • Alumni Expos

organic farming

Ecosystems, Garbage Management, Composting, Creating Effective Micro-organisms, Growing Seedlings, Using Organic Pesticides, Farm and Plot Maintenance, Livestock Management, Harvesting, Marketing


Computer Usage, English Language,  Entrepreneurship, Simple Economic Analysis, Meeting Facilitation Skills, Gender Equality, Social Development, Paper Recycling, Handicrafts, etc


First Aid Training, Health Issues, AIDS, Drugs, Hip-hop Dance, Photography, Videography, etc.

Found jobs in an interested field

Set-up businesses

Returned to formal schooling for further enhancement

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