To empower vulnerable youth across Indonesia to become independent, contributing, and responsible members of society

OUR mission

Establishing a safe, nurturing learning environment​

Instilling essential life skills and core values through the learning medium of organic farming

Developing environmental responsibility

Creating a sustainable network of alumni who are actively engaged with the community

Ensuring continuous staff developments

Maintaining accountability to all stakeholders

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The Learning Farm was established in 2005 by the co-founders Mee Kim and Gouri Mirpuri with the support of World Education (www.worlded.org), a Boston-based non-profit organization founded to address the lack of skills, opportunities, and hope amongst vulnerable youth.


Lacking education, skills and support these vulnerable youths are at risk of being trapped in a cycle of poverty, crime, drugs and HIV/AIDS.

We want to

  • Reduce the number of vulnerable youths in Indonesia

  • Minimise environmental degradation

  • Improve an individual's employability skills

  • Reduce rural-urban migration

  • Ensure food security

The Learning Farm youth, whose ages rang from 16 to 24, come from diverse backgrounds from the streets of cities such as DKI Jakarta, Ambon, Bogor and Bandung plus regions like West Java Timor and Sulawesi.

The majority of these young people come to The Learning Farm through a referral system with other organisations involved with street children. Some who attend The Learning Farm are illiterate whilst others have graduated from high school. Many are without the security of a family unit whilst others come from single parent families or impoverished households. Some have experience with drug addiction and have spent time in prison whilst others have simply never experienced being away from their villages.

How we empower vulnerable youth


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