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The Learning Farm is a residential organic farm for street and other vulnerable youth. Forty young men and women from disadvantaged backgrounds across the Indonesian archipelago are selected for a four month stay which transforms their lives using the medium of farming and caring for nature.

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Farming Education

Our curriculum is split into 3 components: organic farming; non-farming and lifeskills; and extra-curricular activity. The three are interrelated and are designed to assist the students in developing as a generation of successful organic farmers. Do you want to be a successful farmer too?

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Planting Seeds

Hoe the soil, plant some seeds, water it, fertilize it, and wait for it to grow. Then within a few days, weeks, or months, it will be become a living organism that can be very useful for human beings. Interested? There are many things that you should know about planting seeds. Check this out!

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Creating a Farm Generation

Young people farming? Why not? For a long time, farming has been identified as an old man's job, rough work, a job for poor people, etc. If you think like that, that means you don't know very much about farming. Farming can actually be a very interesting and advantageous activity. Let's join in to be the next Farming Generation.

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Join The Learning Farm

Almost 70% of Indonesian people have a livelihood as a farmer. As we know, farming is work performed in an agricultural environment to raise living organisms for food. It's an extremely essential activity for human life. If there's nobody farming, where can we get food? Do you want to know more about farming?

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